Digital Printing on Washi

More and more artists are turning to digital printing as a part of their production, and so are looking for more interesting surfaces to print on than the standard digital papers available. Washi can be that surface. The subtle liveliness of the fibre shows through the ink with softer results, and because washi is generally more absorbent than western papers the paper and ink appear integrated rather than the ink sitting on the surface. Since most types of Japanese paper are not specifically made for digital print it is imperative that you test the paper you would like to use on the printer you will be using for your project. What follows are some things to consider


Tips and Things to Consider

· papers with a smooth, non-fluffy surface will work best to avoid clogged ink nozzles

· kozo papers will generally produce softer-looking images

· for most detailed images gampi papers are ideal because of their inherently crisp surface and 'non-bleeding' quality

· colors will appear less intense on thinner papers as there is less fiber to reflect light

· great for ethereal effects

· if you want to try very thin papers they should be printed with a heavier backing paper, gently taped down with removable tape (backing absorbs bleed-through and also prevents paper jams)

· try coating papers with a light gelatin sizing or InkAid if they are too absorbent

Paper Suggestions

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Gampi Torinoko – a popular high quality opaque sheet gives consistently excellent results

Gampi Smooth is a thinner, more translucent and very economical paper with good results

Sized kozo papers such as Kizuki Kozo White (handmade · best quality) or
Kozuke White and Kozuke Ivory (machine-made · economical) offer good results (Kozuke White is available in roll format)

Gozen is a handmade paper which is very lightly sized and works well


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Digital Print shown is John Drajewicz  ·  Gates of Obidos
Giclee print  ·  Hasselblad X-Pan II camera  ·  gampi torinoko

Courtesy of The Japanese Paper Place