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Book Arts Guild · Seattle

  • UW / Odegaard Undergraduate Library 4060 George Washington Lane NE Seattle WA 98195 USA (map)

Book Arts Guild Lecture

August 18, 2015 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

University of Washington Seattle / Odegaard Undergraduate Library 220

About The Book Arts Guild

The Book Arts Guild [BAG] was formed in Seattle in 1979 to support the diverse disciplines of the book arts and has been actively dedicated to promoting all hand bookmaking crafts and contemporary book arts for 35 years. Today the Guild counts among its members bookbinders and conservators, papermakers, paper decorators, people in all forms of printing and typography, calligraphers, artists who create images through printmaking, painting and photography and many others who are involved with the making of books. Most members reside in the Pacific Northwest but membership is open to anyone with interest and enthusiasm, and members may be the makers of books, teachers and students, collectors, librarians, book sellers, publishers or book artists. BAG hosts regular monthly lectures/studio visits and a variety of workshops on all areas covered by "book arts."  See our Archive for a selected list of lectures and workshops.

Japanese Paper Tools and Supplies
with Linda Marshall

Tuesday August 18, 2015 7-9pm (doors open at 6:45)
Odegaard Undergraduate Library Room 220
University of Washington Libraries

Wa = Japanese + Shi = Paper | Washi = Japanese Paper

Washi is the Japanese word for the traditional papers made from the long
inner fibers of three plants – gampi, mitsumata and kozo. As Japan rushes
with the rest of the world into a new global lifestyle, and more modern
technologies take over, machines produce similar-looking papers which have
qualities very different from authentic handmade washi.

During this hands-on presentation, learn about
· how washi is made
· what makes washi different from other papers
· how to use washi in your creative work
· what qualities different papers have and how to identity them
· learn to feel the different weights of washi
· natural + synthetic dyes to tone and color the paper
· famous artists use washi in their work.

Washi is loved by bookbinders, conservators, printmakers, architects and
interior designers, book artists, printers, graphic designers and

Part of the evening will also be spent discussing supplies and tools for
use with washi
· konnyaku powder to give washi added strength and a cloth-like consistency
· kakishibu to dye and waterproof washi
· bamboo tools for folding creasing and scoring
· Japanese iron awls for stab binding

Washi Arts is a retail partner of The Japanese Paper Place which houses
the world’s largest selection of Japanese papers under one roof anywhere
in the world. Linda Marshall established Washi Arts to provide exceptional
washi to the book artists and bookbinders of on the west coast and beyond.
The goal of Washi Arts is to inspire artists and artisans to use this
precious material to enhance their work and spark creativity.

Linda Marshall is a creative designer with a background in corporate and
non-profit communications, strategy, design and marketing. Her lifelong
interest in the design arts comes from a multi-media artist mother and an
engineer father, as well as a creative education in interior architecture
and brand advertising design. With a strong passion for books and paper,
Linda has been an avid admirer of printers, book artists, printmakers,
artists and creative thinkers. She now supports these creative artists and
enterprises with an exceptional range of premium Japanese papers and
related products.