Intaglio Printing on Washi


Information abounds on the various ways in which images can be created using intaglio techniques, yet there is precious little about the substrate on which they are printed.
Even so, paper can have as much influence on a print as any of the other elements used to make it. Washi's absorbent nature works beautifully with intaglio printing as it readily picks up detail and plate tone. It can be printed as chine collé but is strong enough to be printed on it's own

Tips and Things to Consider

· an absorbent paper holds the ink such that ink and paper appear as one element rather than the ink sitting on the surface

· with absorbent paper, the ink will often show through on the back side and so the print can become two-sided, with the back showing a ‘veiled’ image that can again be printed on creating added depth

· dampen paper by misting or placing between layers of dampened newsprint in a damp pack

· thinner papers dry out quickly – use newsprint backing sheets and print with first layer of newsprint dampened; subsequent newsprint layers should be dry to protect blankets from getting soggy

· ink can also go right through thinner papers when printing so print with several layers of newsprint behind to protect blankets

· if backing sheet and printing paper are sticking when lifting print from plate remove newsprint first

· then pull washi from plate (newsprint and washi can be difficult to separate wrinkle-free if peeled apart after removing from plate together)

Paper Suggestions

Any gampi papers are ideal because their smooth surface has the ability to show very fine detail
Classic Kitakata is warm-toned and economical (click here to learn more)
Yamagampi is pearly-surfaced and deluxe (click here to learn more)
Conservation Gampi is popular for chine collé, but may also be used on its own

Kozo papers with a crisp, smooth surface work very well tootry
Hosokawa (click here to learn more)
Sekishu (click here to learn more)
Seichosen (click here to learn more)

Color Paper
Matsuo Kozo  ·  fourteen colors  ·  translucent  (click here to learn more)
Moriki Kozo  ·  30 colors  · opaque  (click here to learn more)


Contemporary Artists Printing Intaglio on Washi

Emma Nishimura,

Elizabeth D'Agostino,

Ryan Price

"Magical Secrets about Chine Colle" by Brian Shure,

* Tips provided by Emma Nishimur

Image provided by The Japanese Paper Place  ·  Artist Candida Girling  ·  Title City Living  ·  intaglio  · gampi ·  etching

Reprinted with the permission of The Japanese Paper Place. Not to be reproduced without their permission.