The Process of Making a Karibari Drying Board of Washi

Zacarias Garcia, a Spanish freelance photographer and videographer based in Washington DC, USA posted this overview and video on Vimeo showing the making of a Karibari board of washi at the Folger Sheakspear Museum in Washington, DC

"A Karibari, a Japanese drying board, is one of the systems paper conservators use to dry objects after washing them during the process of their restoration.

This is a millennial technique used for paintings, manuscripts or textiles after being washed. The origin of the board can be found as doors in the Japanese architecture, in which people hung pieces of art more than two thousand years ago.

This documentary shows the process of making a Karibari. This is not supposed to be an instruction manual of how to make it, but a demonstration of how to make it." ~Zacarias Garcia